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Blackbelt 3D: The benchmark in 3D belt printing

Blackbelt 3D printer desktop version

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  • Printing under various angles

  • Printing long parts

  • Overhangs without support

  • Producing series production

Blackbelt 3D printer

We are the innovators behind this truly disruptive 3D printer. A 3D technology, allowing series production of specific shapes and geometries.

User Manuals, Software and Factsheets:

Blackbelt 3D printer desktop version
Blackbelt 3D stand alone and roller table version

The Blackbelt is available in 2 more versions:

Stand-alone version
Print on ergonomic height with the Blackbelt Stand-alone.
The Stand-Alone versions consists of a printing platform with controller and support construction (table).

Roller Table version
Print limitless long parts with the Blackbelt Roller Table.
The Roller Table version consists of the Blackbelt Stand-alone and a Roller Table this provides support for prints of 2 meters!

Bowden vs VarioDrive

The Blackbelt is standard equipped with a Bowden setup, which works well with all the recommended rigid materials.

The VarioDrive setup is an extension for your Blackbelt, developed for flexible materials.
There is a wide range of flexible materials that can be printed, besides those flexible materials it also performs well with nylon and carbon filled materials.

Blackbelt 3D varioDrive system
3D belt printing in a que

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