The benchmark in 3D belt printing

Increasing connectivity and digitization will revolutionize the way industries are developing, producing and delivering products and services. Everything will become smarter, more effective and efficient. Fast prototyping, highly customized solutions using 3D printing will result in higher productivity and offers major opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and customers. At Blackbelt 3D we want to make these opportunities available to people in all industries and working environments. This is the basis for our passion at Blackbelt 3D.

Thanks to the experience of our colleagues in various business fields and 3D technologies, Blackbelt 3D is uniquely qualified to support our customers. Excellence and optimization of all production and research & development processes is an integral part of our culture and we apply this mindset to all our customer projects. Continuous improvement is an integral part of our daily work. We deliver our customers the best solutions possible.

As specialist for 3D belt printing, we and our partners analyze your needs and competences, provide a plan for 3D automation, calculate together with you the return on investment and finally put the 3D belt printer into production. Afterwards we are always there for you for further support.

What can we do for your industry?

To harvest 3D printing opportunities there is a hurdle to take. It takes time before any organization has obtained the knowledge needed to use the 3D-technology efficient and effective. We support you in getting a realistic outlook on timing and resources. We want to support you in unleashing the power of 3D belt technology.

Molding, Metals & Machining

Molding, metalworking or machining company use robots of various kind to automate various processes in production. These robots repetitive pick and place products. Careful, precise gripping and inserting of parts is essential. These jigs & fixture (Read the User Case) are mostly made of metal like aluminum. By replacing these by 3D printed parts, better grip and insertion will lead to less disturbance during production.

Medics, Education & Research

As a research and educational institute your goal is to deliver new capabilities for society. Experts in the field are trying to discover new and altered treatments for people with health issues. Smart fast prototyping using our 3D belt technology in combination with foam filament offers experts new possibilities when dealing with health issues.

Extruded Plastic & Specialized Profiles

A plastic or specialized extrusion profile starts with a specific design. Engineers design to client requirements in CAD/CAM. When the client request a tangible sample on short notice they face some challenges. Our 3D belt is able to print very long parts, none supported overhangs and series production. This ensures our customers the necessary assistance in satisfying their clients needs.



For general questions, support or sales:

Peter De Corte and Iris Vercruysse from OMD3D