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With years of experience in the field of industrial 3D printing applications, our mission is to bring a fresh wind into this 3D Printing landscape.

“3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.” That has been said already 4 years ago by president Obama. We are trying to bring his vision to life.

Our vision is, that not everybody will own a 3D printer, but chances are high, that in short time, most people will have a 3D printed part in their home, eventually without knowing it.

We have developed a machine that is truly outstanding due to its completely new 3D printing technology. This patent pending machine is capable of series production, extremely long products and un-supported horizontal overhangs.

If you are thinking to use this technology in your production plant, get in contact with us, so we can check, if your application is suitable to be used and produced on this production platform.

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BLACKBELT 3D is proud to announce a new type of industrial production machine, that is designed to realize your ideas within a short time and at low cost.


BLACKBELT 3D is launching a truly disruptive 3D printer. A new technology, allowing series production of specific shapes and geometries.

Changing paradigms in FFF 3D printing:

The BLACKBELT 3D printer brings new standards to the 3D printing industry:

– Interchangeable print heads
– Industrial linear guides
– Building volume: 340 x 340 x ∞ mm (13” x 13”x ∞”)
– Print angle adjustable: 15°/ 25°/ 34°/ 45°
– Filament diameter: 1.75mm
– Tested materials: ABS/PLA/Co-Polyester (colorFabb XT / nGEN / HT), PETG
– Print heads: nozzle sizes 0.4/ 0.6/ 0.8 mm come with the printer.
– Retail price: 9.500.- EURO (€) Desktop version
– Retail price: 12.500.- EURO (€) with standing frame and roller table

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What is so special about the BLACKBELT 3D Printer?

Over the past years, FFF 3D printers have developed to reliable working production units, essential for many companies. Many components of the BLACKBELT 3D Printer have been selected from standard industrial 3D architecture, using the most established and reliable parts, which have been arranged in a new way, allowing new possibilities.

A high-precision conveyor belt defines the new Z-Axis and print substrate, moving horizontally with every new layer.
The conveyor belt is made from carefully selected and well tested carbon fiber composite, allowing the print to adhere on and to position it precisely.

Customizable, modular design

The BLACKBELT 3D Printer is supplied with 3 print heads, having different nozzle diameters, that are user friendly and fail safe to exchange. No unscrewing of hot nozzles anymore!

The machine is available as a desktop version and a stand-alone version. Last one can be used with an optional downstream roller table to support extremely long products when printing.

Depending on print material, environment or printing geometry, the BLACKBELT 3D printer can be modified individually to adapt to the customer’s needs.

Using industrial BOSCH Aluminium profiles for the frame construction allows easy adaptation of the 3D printer to any industrial or desktop environment. Stainless steel sheet-metal parts provide precision and rigidity to the frame construction.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Interchangeable print heads

  • Industrial linear guides

  • Building volume: 340 x 340 x ∞ mm (13” x 13”x ∞”)

  • Print angle adjustable: 15°/ 25°/ 34°/ 45°

  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm

  • Print heads: nozzle sizes 0.4/ 0.6/ 0.8 mm come with the printer.
    Further sizes will be available.

  • Retail Prize: 9.500.- EUR Desktop version

  • 12.500.- EUR with standing frame and roller table

Be the first in your industry branch to use this new breakthrough production technology!

All prices are without shipping cost and applicable taxes.


What we CAN DO:

Large format printing

The open build volume allows to produce prints of theoretically endless length. The gantry allows building products of 340 x 340mm in x and y direction. For prints of 1300mm or longer, we recommend using the roller table to provide additional support during the printing process.

Large format printing

Series production

After finishing a print, the machine is instantly ready for the next part, which makes it suitable for series production of same or individual parts. Is not necessary to remove the prints manually, simply put a container in front of the printer and it will collect the finished prints.

Series production

Support-free overhangs

By printing under a specific angle, it is possible to produce support-free overhangs on slanted geometry. To prevent the machine from printing in the air, some parts or designs require a starting geometry, as explained on the next page.

Support-free overhangs

What we CANNOT DO:

Printing in the air – The BLACKBELT 3D Printer must start every new geometry on the conveyor belt, or onto a previous layer. Otherwise, it will extrude build material into the air, producing so called “Spaghetti”. Specific design guidelines are applicable to guarantee a succesfull print.


Can you make me a formal sales quotation? 2017-07-13T17:20:13+00:00

That’s possible, please fill out the form via “GET A QUOTE” (top right)

Do you give after sales support? 2017-06-13T14:59:41+00:00

We provide you free consulting before you buy our product and support you to get the most reliable and finest prints you can get.

Does the extension (the rollers) come with the printer? 2017-07-13T17:21:37+00:00

The roller table and the standing frame are not part of the desktop version. You can select it as an additional option.

How big a spool fits on the printer? 2017-07-13T17:22:07+00:00

The spool mount of the standing frame is adaptable to any spool size. The desktop version support max. 190mm (7,5″) wide spools.

What diameter filament are you using? 2017-07-13T17:19:14+00:00

The BLACKBELT 3D Printer uses using 1.75mm Filament.

What are the shipping costs? 2017-07-13T17:24:02+00:00

The shipping cost is very much dependent on your location and your order.
The shipment method is Ex Works, meaning shipping and packaging cost will be charged after shipping.
We have the possibility to deliver and install the printer in 500km radius from our Facility in Belfeld (NL).

What sets you apart from other printers? 2017-06-13T14:53:58+00:00

We have developed a new architecture of 3D printer that is capable of printing series production, very long parts and specifically designed overhangs, what regular 3D printer can’t do.

When will you be shipping the printer if I order now? 2017-07-13T17:29:51+00:00

Customers that have ordered first, will receive their products first.
Kickstarter rewards, will be shipped during September and November.
Orders that will be placed now, will be shipped December 2017 to January 2018.

Will you deliver filament with the printer? 2017-06-13T14:52:33+00:00

The printer comes with a 2200g spools nGen co-polyester.

What is the size of the box when you ship? 2017-07-13T17:32:31+00:00

The BLACKBELT 3D Printer desktop version will be shipped on a palet with the size 1200x1000x600mm (wxbxh).

I want to see the printer. Do you have a showroom? 2017-07-13T17:33:28+00:00

That’s possible! Please contact us via the form below.

Where are you located? 2017-06-13T14:43:42+00:00

We are located in Belfeld (5951 DK), The Netherlands, Bremweg 7.

I want to be a reseller. How can I become one? 2017-06-13T14:43:14+00:00

That’s possible, please send us an email to

Do you have a press kit? 2017-07-13T17:34:42+00:00

Yes, please send us a request via the contact form below.

Will you be on any shows this year? 2018-04-10T08:45:46+00:00

Yes! We will exhibit on the TCT show in Birmingham, UK  form 25 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2018!
Follow us in social media or sign up for the news letter below, to stay updated.

Why have you been going for Kickstarter? 2017-07-13T17:37:08+00:00

We have decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to be able to finance the first production run and to develop a user-friendly slicing software.

Will you deliver with a test print? 2017-07-13T17:37:22+00:00

We make sure that every printer has been tested before it’ll leave out facility. Please add a note if you want to see a test print.

What materials can be printed? 2017-07-13T17:37:38+00:00

We have successfully tested PLA, ABS and Co-polyesters.

Will the printer be delivered fully assembled or do I need to assemble myself? 2017-07-13T17:38:11+00:00

The printer comes pre-assembled, you have to do limited amount of assembly, before you can start using it.

Where can I buy a Blackbelt printer? 2017-07-13T17:40:00+00:00

Please use the “GET A QUOTE” menu to get a quote from us.
If any issues occur, please send us an e-mail to .

What do I get for that price? 2017-07-13T17:41:12+00:00

We have different offers for you. You can get the BLACKBELT 3D Printer as  a desktop version or with a frame, different print heads and a roller unit to support very long prints.
Check out our product catalogue, you can download it via the “GET A QUOTE” – button. (top right)

What slicer do you use? 2018-02-07T17:54:48+00:00

We use our custom slicer BLACKBELT Cura.

You can download it here:


What is the price of the printer? 2017-07-13T17:42:56+00:00

Please fill out the form via “GET A QUOTE”, to get an offer for the selected products.

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