Blackbelt 3D: Pioneering conveyor belt 3D printing since 2013

Redefining the boundaries of 3D printing, Blackbelt 3D offers the only professional conveyor belt printing technology on the market. Unleash limitless possibilities and propel your designs into a new era of manufacturing excellence.

Unseen design freedom and manufacturing precision

Experience 3D printing like never before. Blackbelt 3D’s endless belt 3D printing technology empowers you to create complex designs with the precision that only a conveyor belt system can offer.

Break free from design constraints and explore a versatility that sets you apart in the market, while minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Blackbelt 3D printer

Unique carbon fibre conveyor belt

It goes round and round ...

Keep on printing with Blackbelt 3D's inhouse developed and produced conveyor belt

Blackbelt 3D serial printing

Real-world opportunities for a realm of industries

From aerospace, automotive, prototyping to medical industries, consumer goods, and architecture and construction, Blackbelt 3D is not just revolutionizing manufacturing – it’s opening doors for your ideas.

Seamlessly transition into large-scale productions, meeting market demands without compromising on quality – whatever industry you’re in.

Upgrade your 3D printing journey with our printer’s unique features

Blackbelt 3D’s state-of-the-art technology

Our 3D printer is a world’s first: its innovative patented conveyor belt tech is recognized in the 3D printing community for, among others, its:

  • endless belt 3D printing abilities
  • detailed and complex designs
  • versatility across various industries
  • consistent print quality
  • user-friendly interface
  • ongoing R&D and optimizations
Blackbelt 3D roller platform
Peter De Corte and Iris Vercruysse from OMD3D

Who are we?

Blackbelt 3D is powered by OMD3D, a Belgium-based trusted leader in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. With a track record of innovation and reliability since 2013, Peter De Corte and Iris Vercruysse from OMD3D spearhead Blackbelt 3D’s endeavors since 2022.

Delivering top-tier technology and unwavering reliability to professional users worldwide, Blackbelt 3D’s vast network of experienced service partners and distributors is there to support you – wherever you are located.

Ready to integrate Blackbelt 3D’s conveyor belt 3D printing into your business?

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