“Why limit yourself?”

Keep your machine State of the Art with Blackbelt’s extensions.

Blackbelt Stand-Alone

Blackbelt Roller Table

Blackbelt 3D roller platform

VarioDrive – Conversion kit


Compact varioDrive print head design that fits the BlackBelt 3D printing platform. The design is adapted for easy retrofitting the frame. The upgrade will make the belt printer optimal for printing flexible materials with ease
and printing abrasive materials with a long nozzle lifetime.

Blackbelts varioDrive

Run-out Sensor

Blackbelt Run out sensor

Never miss a 3D print again because of an empty spool or dust on the filament. This prevents 24/7 print jobs to run completed but with an unfinished object due to lack of raw

materials. The Run-out sensor detects your filament and pauses the BlackBelt 3D Printer for further instructions.

Blackbelt Server

Blackbelt server
  • Print in a Queue

  • Remote control
  • Time lapse movie

  • Multiple user access


Print Head for the Black 3D Printer.
Ideal for printing small and detailed pieces.
Works with a wide range of materials.

0.25 mm
0.4 mm
0.6 mm
0.8 mm
1.0 mm

0.4 mm
0.6 mm
0.9 mm
1.2 mm

Spool Holder XL

Spool Holder

Original Blackbelt XL Spool Holder for large spools
Max. Spool width: 28cm, Dimensions: 310 x 260 x 70mm.
Roller diameter: 40mm.

Conveyor Belt

Blackbelt conveyor belt

Blackbelt’s Conveyor belt.
Available as a spare part.

Spare Parts

Other spare parts not listed here are available from our distributors.