Download BLACKBELT Cura 3.6 (Final version)

Featuring best slicing performance and Support for NinjaTek Cheetah!

Download BLACKBELT Cura 3.5.1 BETA


New feature: Automatic Support Generation

Allows you to print almost everything!

Enable "Generate Support" in the Support menu.

Download BLACKBELT Cura 3.4.2 release


New feature: Print Raft

Increases the footprint of a part

to better print parts with a small footprint.


New firmware

connect via USB, select “Settings”-> “Printer”-> “Manage Printers…”-> “Upgrade Firmware”

Upload new firmware to archieve best performances on your BLACKBELT 3D Printer


New slow bottom layer

faster printing

and better print results.


gcode name information

adds print angle, nozzle diameter and material

to the gcode name - e.g. 45_0.6_nGen_Test.gcode.


New Material

We are supporting new materials

poresets coming with this new version.


New feature: Rear Fan

Allows to control the rear fan

to better print PLA.


New feature: Slicing information in the gcode

Puts the slicer settings in the beginning of every gcode

to track your slicing settings.

Download BLACKBELT Cura 3.2