All printers ship worldwide. We work with several dedicated shipping companies to make sure the printer will be shipped fast, safe and of course cost-efficient. All printers are shipped in a wooden crate, measuring 120*80*50cm and the entire package weighs 88kg. If you opt for a printer with support and/or roller table, add 25-30kg each. The wooden crates can be stacked.

Below is an indication of shipping prices per unit (as of July 2018), but these can differ since we rely on daily updated prices:

  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany – Free shipping
  • France, UK - € 90 per shipment
  • Scandinavia - € 150 per shipment
  • Rest of Europe - € 200 per shipment

  • (When ordering more than one printer, free shipping in Europe).

  • North America - € 700 / $ 820
  • Japan, South Korea - € 900
  • Middle East - € 1100
  • Australia, New Zealand - € 1100

Filament and parts

Filaments and parts are being handled logistically by our filament partner colorFabb. You will receive the invoice from Blackbelt, but physical handling is being handled by colorFabb. Please go here to find the shipping prices and information for filaments.