Design Guide

Main features:

The BLACKBELT 3D Printer is a new type production technology for a variety of industrial applications.

It is designed for outstanding printing projects that require big scale or series builds that can be realized in a relatively short amount of time.

This new production technology also comes with certain requirements and new possibilities.

What we CAN DO:

Large format printing The open build volume allows to produce prints of theoretically endless length. The gantry allows building products of 340 x 340mm in x and y direction. For prints of 1300mm or longer, we recommend using the roller table to provide additional support during the printing process.
Series production After finishing a print, the machine is instantly ready for the next part, which makes it suitable for series production of same or individual parts. Is not necessary to remove the prints manually, simply put a container in front of the printer and it will collect the finished prints.
Support-free overhangs By printing under a specific angle, it is possible to produce support-free overhangs on slanted geometry. To prevent the machine from printing in the air, some parts or designs require a starting geometry, as explained on the next page.

What we CANNOT DO:

Printing in the air – The BLACKBELT 3D Printer must start every new geometry on the conveyor belt, or onto a previous layer. Otherwise, it will extrude build material into the air, producing so called “Spaghetti”. Our specific design guidelines are applicable to guarantee a successful print.


The maximum dimensions are 340mm (13") in width and height.

We can only print with certain thermoplastic plastics.
Data sheets of the supported materials can be fount on our website.

The 3D geometry that needs to be printed has to match our design guidelines
The design guidelines are:

Every geometry has to start on the conveyor belt.
From there the geometry can build up along the belt and upwards onto already printed layers.

If the geometry does not allow this, we need to add support material.

Please contact Team BLACKBELT to evaluate your 3D files on printability.