BlackBelt Applications

  1. Storage Boxes

    Storage Boxes
  2. Kickstarter Video (2017)

    Kickstarter Video (2017)
  3. 2m extrusion profile

    2m extrusion profile
  4. Wing Plane Print

    Wing Plane Print
  5. Printing the Ferris Wheel

    Printing the Ferris Wheel
  6. Printing a chair!

    Printing a chair!
  7. Tech Insider - about BLACKBELT 3D

    Tech Insider - about BLACKBELT 3D
  8. Printing nGen Lux

    Printing nGen Lux
  9. Printing a cover housing

    Printing a cover housing
  10. 3D printed Crank Shaft

    3D printed Crank Shaft

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